The Artisan Tent at the Zoar Harvest Festival - 2021

About Judy Robinson

I have been creating handwoven pieces for over 40 years. I studied weaving using different types of antique looms at the Ohio Village in Columbus Ohio after graduating from Ohio State University.  I grew up on a dairy farm near Frederictown, Ohio. Since I did not have any brothers I worked on the farm more than I probably liked.  This work ethic followed me through life.  I now live on a small rare breed sheep farm with my husband Skip (whom I met in high school). We organic garden, raise chickens and ducks for their wonderful eggs and their contribution to the soil. Our sheep are sheared for their wool, which I use in my weaving.pieces.  I hope to hand weave as long as I can. I love creating pieces of work that my customers can use in their homes.

Judy Robinson - The Artisan Tent at Zoar

Country Textiles

I have sold my weavings over the years from the east coast to the west. ( as far west as Chicago). I have attended many folk art shows over the years and have made many wonderful friends. My weavings have appeared for sale in many antique and decorating shops over the years.  I have had the honor of my weavings appearing in many magazines and also in the White House.  You may visit our farm and my weaving shop by making an appointment. I would love to visit with you.
Judy Robinson

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Hand-woven rugs
Phone: 740-746-9602