• New Additions to Artisans Tent at Zoar

The 2018 show is fast approaching.

The Artisans Tent at the Zoar Harvest Festival

The 2018 Show is Fast Approaching

A number of new artists will be offering their work for sale July 28th & 29th , 2018. Rick and Denise Pratt, Joan Berkey, and Brenda Hornsby Heindl to name a few. Check out their websites to see more about them.

Around the Bend Willow Furniture - The Traditional Artisans Tent at Zoar Ohio

Denise & Rick Pratt

Around the Bend Willow Furniture
Website: www.aroundthebendwillowfurniture.com
Phone: 303-345-9585

The Artisans Tent at Zoar Ohio

Brenda Heidl

Liberty Stoneware
Website: libertystoneware.blogspot.com
Phone: 336-483-1231
Email: libertystoneware@gmail.com

Joan Berkey - The Traditional Artisan Tent at Zoar Ohio

Joan Berkey

Handcrafted & Unique
Website: www.joanberkey.com
Phone: 609-861-2208
Email: Joan123b@aol.com


The Artisans Tent at Zoar Ohio

Brian Newton

Handmade Brooms
Elizabeth, IN
Phone: 812-969-3333
Email: info@broomcornjohnnys.com
Website: www.broomcornjohnnys.com

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