Keith Boyer – Painted-Decorated Furniture

900w-Boyer,-Keith--5110D189Keith Boyer – About My Work:

Keith Boyer will be one of the American Folk Artists at this years Zoar Harvest Festival in The Artisans Tent at Zoar.  My woodworking that I will be bringing to Zoar is based on 18th century paint-decorated pieces either in the Pennsylvania-German, or New England styles. All of my pieces are made by hand, using materials, construction and finishing methods of the 18th century. While some machine tools are used to prepare the wood for construction, all of the joinery and planing is done by hand. All of my pieces are made with a distressed look to resemble actual antique pieces. All of my work is signed, dated, and the interiors are not finished so the pieces are obvious reproductions on further inspection. Most of my pieces are based on actual, documented 18th century pieces found in museums and collections.

Keith Boyer – Cherry Tree PA 
18th Century Paint-Decorated Furniture

900wAkeith-boyerAbout me:

I have been doing woodworking for about 20 years now, am mostly self-taught, but have taken a few classes early on at Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe in York, Pa.  I do this woodworking as a hobby. I have been a professional photographer for about 35 years and am currently the University Photographer at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Indiana, Pa.   I live in Cherry Tree, Pa. where I have my small workshop. I do sell work on-line through my website at

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